So there’s this place in New South Wales called Yass and there is a mcdonalds there and well…..


"my ass"

open 24 hours


Supernatural Season 9 Gag Reel - Nicknames

current emotion: colin morgan in adorable hats (◕‿◕✿)


My last one for the color palette meme

Castiel in 1 - requested by Castielassbuttoflord. Hope you like!

I’m still not over Merlin.




america is just all the people europe didnt like

I guess you could say they were All American Rejects








i made a mask for us so we can be misha on the internet and misha in reality



are those nicolas cages’ eyes

you know you’ve been on Tumblr too long when you can recognise Nicholas Cage’s eyes on Misha Collins’ head

there’s never such a thing as too much tumblr


everything Misha does makes me emotional he could just take a breath and I’d be like “bae… you are so wonderful and good and we don’t deserve you… you light up my heart with joy you fuckin nerd”


When I see all the Misha stuff from SDCC, I remember the interview Misha gave after he was let go from SPN at the start of season 7, where he said SPN wasn’t a show that a lot of people in the industry looked at. The implication for me was that he knew he wasn’t going to get a lot of offers and he was going to have to work hard to find that next job.

Now, three years later, he’s a major attraction at this Comicon on his own terms, he’s formed all these great bonds with people like John Barrowman, Aisha Tyler, William Shatner, Orlando Jones, based on his SPN work and his own personal appeal.

He doesn’t feel like this jobbing actor who is lucky to have work. He’s there based on his own talent and his own appeal. 

That makes me very happy, because you look at so many actors in this industry and they just rot away once they become even remotely famous. And that doesn’t seem to be happening with Misha. He’s still pretty much the same guy we always knew. He seems happier than ever. 

This man has been called a failure and a loser by certain fans for half a decade now, he’s been told that fans hate him, that he’s a burden to SPN…and just look where he is now. I’m so happy he’s stayed with SPN and I know this is a tough industry, but I don’t feel like he needs the show anymore. I feel like he’s broken through on his own terms, not because of anything or anyone but himself.

I’m so proud.


Brains man.


How Misha Collins conquered Comic Con

Misha Collins is an American actor, most known for his role as Castiel on Supernatural. He’s also known for… Wait, do I really need to introduce him to you? There was a time when Misha was only known for playing Castiel on TV but time has changed, and Misha has slowly worked his way through the geek world as a very respected and appreciated actor.

This is something that we kind of already knew. But we didn’t realise how true it was until this weekend. Even though this is not Misha’s first time at San Diego Comic Con, it’s the first time he’s been treated as an actual important personality in the geek world. He’s not just that actor who plays that angel on that show anymore.





I miss this so badly 



I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

This is me